Draggintails is originator and home of the tiger bearded dragon

"Jerry" Red Citrus Paradox he has no dunner in him

Contact: Tammy Aldrich (561) 309-9956 Port St Lucie, FL


Draggintails is one of the  pioneers in captive breeding of the Pogona Vitticeps (Bearded dragons). While my father has retired..I have continued what he started so long ago.  OMD Stock was acquired from Bert L. , Ron T, Bob M, Joe K and then trades and purchases with other pioneer breeders shortly thereafter...this was over 25yrs ago and has been perfected to create bloodlines and morphs that are predictable  to the current day.  It is easy to spot some of our signature lines such as the Tang, Red Citrus, and Tigers in most colonies around the world.   We are a Federally licensed Importer/Exporter and have started many breeding enthusiasts around the world throughout the years, but we are best known for our incredible customer service! Give me a ring and say Hi!