Gecko Care

Geckos are kept alone in individual  tubs lined with news paper or paper towels..whatever I have on hand when I clean (I clean tubs every 3 days with a moist paper towel) in a gecko rack with a 3" heat tape at the back of the rack that is 90 degrees constant. Each gecko has a tupper ware container with moist coconut moss in it for them to relax in. On the lids of these little containers filled with moss is a scoop of vionate mixed with calcium so that they can lick this free choice.  Each gecko has a bowl inside his tub that is filled with either meal worms or super worms that I always keep full and I switch these out between the two depending on what feeders I order during the week.   Geckos also have a little dish filled with water inside the tub at all times.  Geckos are fed snacks once in a while of something that roaches or gives them something to do and makes them perky. The ambient room temperature is 80 degrees outside of the gecko rack.  

Geckos are the easiest of the reptiles in my opinion to keep and to keep healthy for many, many years...feed and water them before you eat and with that care ethic I have never had a sickness or a non thrifty leopard gecko. All hatchlings are brought up on meal worms (I mean the good ones...not the nasty dried up ones...they are plump with their skins stretched over their bodies and are shiny...FEED your worms so they stay plump...I feed mine vegetables). The hatchlings also get some cricket snacks because they like to chase things that run.  

 I have had some finicky eating geckos, that is not a sick gecko, just picky.  So, ok...find out if he likes super worms/soldier fly worms/ etc. over mealies and add those into his worm dish. 

If your gecko arrives and he doesn't want to eat...I don't blame him..he just got off the plane, he has jet lag and just wants to rest...not to mention his new house looks different, smells different and sounds different.  Give him some time, like 3 to 4 days. Feed him something that runs (roaches, crickets) for the first few feedings and this should perk his interest and he will begin eating at his new place.  If this doesn't work, call me: 561-309-9956 and I will fix it ( I have never had anyone call me).


RADAR Female $249

109g, Beautiful big girl with tons of bright yellow!


Lavendar Male $299

112g, Absolutely GORGEOUS fat boy in person.....TONS of real blue!



Red Stripe Lavendar Female $199

85g Big girl gaining steady, blue has faded a bit used to be wide and real blue, the red stripe influence is filling in some


RADAR female $249

104g young female with 2 ruby red eyes